Sanjay K. Asher
Sanjay K. AsherSenior Partner
Crawford Bayley & Co.

Sanjay Asher is a Senior Partner at law firm M/s. Crawford Bayley & Co. He is a Solicitor and a Chartered Accountant. He has over 23 years’ experience in the field of M&A, cross-border M&A, joint ventures, and capital markets and has been advising large, medium, and small business enterprises on these subjects.

Sanjay is a Member of the Primary Market Advisory Committee set up by SEBI to make recommendations to SEBI on policy matters pertaining to the development of the primary market in India. He is a Member of Corporate Bonds and Securitization Advisory Sub-Committee set up by SEBI to specify disclosure and other requirements for issuance and listing of Municipal Bonds. Sanjay was an invitee to the committee formed by the Department of Disinvestment, Government of India, for the purposes of standardising transaction documents in relation to the privatisation of the public-sector enterprises of the Government.

Sanjay was a member of what was described as Project Fire (Financial Institutions Reform Empowerment) for the purpose of development of “Securities Law Bar in India”. The Project was an Indo-US joint project aided by the World Bank. Members of Project FIRE included Lawyers, US Lawyers, and Executive Directors of Securities Exchange Board of India. He has been a speaker at various seminars and conferences including those organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of India, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indian Merchant Chambers, and International Financial Law Review.

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