Key Discussion

  1. Challenges in Arriving at Resolution Plan
  2. Liquidation in Going Concern Companies: The way forward
  3. Regulating the Insolvency Professionals: What needs to be done
  4. Role of Intermediaries and Decision making by Committees of Creditors
  5. IBC – Recent Amendment for MSME
  6. Creditor and Debtor incentives in Insolvency
  7. The Role of the Judiciary in Regulating Cross-Border Insolvency
  8. Civil Law Perspectives on Cross-Border Insolvency (e.g. Continental Europe, Indonesia and China)
  9. Common Law Perspectives on Cross-Border Insolvency (e.g. Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India)
  10. Dispute Resolution and Litigation Funding in the Face of Insolvency
  11. Financing and Effective Successful Restructuring
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